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Welcome to Marketplace MBA with Robyn Johnson. Where we help you control your Product Launch and Presence on Amazon. Robyn is a trusted Amazon consultant and long time seller who is known for her no-fluff advise to help you be more profitable on Amazon.

Sep 8, 2017

Many new and established brands struggle with MAP pricing. Having a firm grasp on how to handle the minimum advertised pricing situation when you start allowing sellers to sell your products on Amazon is often easier - and less expensive - in the long run.


But how do you control the pricing of your products when you’re working with third-party sellers?


On today’s episode, I want to share some insight on how new and established brands can position themselves on Amazon while reducing the risk of sellers engaging in price wars.



“Distribution is the only way to control price on Amazon.” - Robyn Johnson



Today on Marketplace MBA:


  • The potential effects of allowing too many sellers onto a listing
  • The importance of controlling who sells your items on Amazon
  • How to control the pricing of your products on Amazon
  • The benefits of using 3rd party sellers
  • Evaluating the overarching goals for your brand and ensuring your 3rd party sellers can meet those goals
  • The importance of developing and enforcing MAP policies and Authorized Seller policies



5 Rules of Maintaining MAP Policies:


  1. Have a clear policy and make it easy for people to know what it is.
  2. Enforce the policies.
  3. Limit the number of third-party sellers you work with.
  4. Ensure your sellers are generating demand for your product.
  5. Vet new sellers carefully.





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